1. Take personnel interest in the progress of your child and co- operate with the teacher in educating your child.
2. Study the school rules and regulations carefully and follow them faithfully.
3. Check the school diary daily and sign the note if any sent by the principal or teacher.
4. Send your ward on time and take him/her back immediately after the school gets over.
5. The parents shall see teacher concerned with prior permission of the principal. For time to time the shall not attempt to meet any teachers when a class is in progress.
6. The parents shall respond to school report and information in a timely manner. The school community needs the full operation of the parents.
7. The parents shall ensure that their ward devotes enough time at home to their studies and assignments

Parent teacher

This triangle relationship will be effective only if the parents co- operate with the school authorities by getting involved in all its activities. The teacher needs parents help in educating and identifying the talents and skills of students. Please try to co- operate by adhering to its rules and regulations.
The following are considered serious offenses which will involve actions including black sting of parents and terminating their wards.
1. Indecent behaviour towards the employees of the school.
2. Entering the class rooms or staff rooms without permission from the principal.
3. Convening unauthorized parents meetings.
4. Other undesirable actions which damages the image of the school.