1. All students are urged to maintain high moral standards set by school in their manners and conduct. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy. Greet your teachers and elders wherever you meet them inside as well as outside the school premises.
2. Be honest in behaviour and kind to all. Help the little children and old people whenever possible. Do not hurt animals and plants.
3. Bring school diary daily to the school.
4. The school uniform must be worn on all working days and at all school functions .Permission should be asked to enter the class if you are not in uniform for any valid reason.
5. English must be spoken in the school premises in order to acquire fluency in speaking the language.
6. No one should write on the furniture or scribble on walls or damage any school article. Damage by accident should be reported to the principal at once. Any damage cause to the school property of another student must be made good.
7. Students are responsible for their personnel accessories. The school is not responsible for the articles or money lost. It is advisable not to bring any valuable article to school. Jewellery , ornaments are discouraged and the school takes no responsibility for any loss
8. Pupils from one class are not allows to enter other class rooms during leisure.
9. No student is exempted from PT or games or other co- Curricular activities.
10. The students shall keep classrooms and their surroundings neat and tidy.
11. No students shall leave school premises during school hours without the permission of the principal.
12. No student shall stay back in the school premises during school hours except when advised by the principal or teachers. Shall not be responsible for their well being if they stay back after school hours without permission.
13. The student shall reach the school at least 5 minutes before the first bell.
14. If the students are found cheating at the examination by indulging in copying or replacing answer sheets, it shall lead to their suspension or dismissal or compulsorily issuing transfer certificate.
15. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct of the pupil inside or outside the campus will invite disciplinary action.
16. The student should obey the teachers and school authorities in all matters and are required to follow the instructions that may be given by the school authorities.
17. The irregular attendance, habitual negligence in school work dishonesty, obscenity in word or act, serious misconduct or threats inside or outside school may cause the dismissal of pupil.
18. No collection of money by students is permitted without prior sanction of the principal of pupil.
19. Books and magazines not recommended by the teachers shall not be brought to school.
20. The students must attend the school on all working days and be punctual for the assembly late comers and absentees shall have their late attendance and absentee’s record signed their parent’s guardians.
The following are considered as serious offenses liable for punishment including dismissal from the school.
1. Use of mobile phones.
2. Driving of car and powered two wheelers.
3. Higher level disobedience
4. Sexual allegations.
5. Stealing
6. Use of intoxicating agents.
7. Use of abusive language and man handling.
8. Indecent behaviour.
9. Any other activity which damages the image of the school.
10. Political involvement.