PHYSICS LAB: the school has a well equipped and ventilated lab. Each table has an electric supply that enables students to do their practical effectively.
CHEMISTRY LAB: chemistry lab is spacious and can accommodate 20 students at a time. The fire extinguisher and first aid box are within easy access in case of emergency the lab has a storage room for reagents.

BIOLOGY LAB: biology lab is well equipped with facilities to conduct practical. The lab has a collection of plant and animal specimens.

MATHS LAB: The lab has a rich collection of instruments like teacher’s instrument box, mathematical tables, solids { cubes, cuboids, sphere, cone, cylinder etc) .There is enough space for the students to perform their activities with ease and move freely to interacts with their fellow students and with the teacher.

COMPUTER LAB: The school has a vast computer lab, which can accommodate approximately 40 students at a time. It is equipped with latest hardware and software.